We can offer you the next paper editing services:

  • a comprehensive review of your paper to assess its overall content, clarity, and readability;
  • fixing all types of errors and weaknesses, this text may have;
  • developing and implementing individual writing advice specifically for your assignment;
  • editing your document in track changes;
  • proofreading your paper to make sure that everything has been done correctly. 

This list is only approximate and can comprise other required actions of our editors. Everything, in this case, depends on the complexity of your project. To clarify all peculiarities, you may contact our dedicated customer support representative and discuss directly the matter you are interested in. 

Various aspects of editing and proofreading your paper

Meanwhile, let’s have a deep look at the difference between editing and proofreading because they can be mismatched very often. But, both require careful reading and attention. 

Editing is a process that should be started when your first draft is ready. You should focus mostly on certain aspects of your writing:

  • Content – you have to ensure that you have included in your paper all information that is required to complete this assignment. For this purpose, it is necessary to pay special attention to your topic, the main message you have developed, and other supporting statements. You should also pay special attention to the evidence and arguments that you provide in your paper. They should be consistent, sound clear, and be indicated along with the respective citations and references. 
  • Structure – you need to make sure that your paper is structured properly. Precisely, you may follow the classical approach of dividing your paper into its introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. But, the best structure for your paper should be determined by the type and purpose of your assignment. It is also necessary to make sure that all your text is logically divided into paragraphs. Each of them should be devoted to one point of view and contain smooth transitions to the next one. 
  • Clarity – this aspect is crucial for any type of paper. Skilled editors always pay special attention to this aspect because it determines how easy it will be to grasp the essence of your paper by your future readers. Professionals always have special tools and means for this purpose. They can also ask the right questions to review your paper thoroughly and develop their individual approach for improving its clarity. 
  • Style – this point is also important, and professional editors always pay enough attention to it. They make sure that your paper sounds polite, persuasively, and all words have been chosen correctly and appropriately. 
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As you may see, editing a paper is not an easy thing that requires professional assistance to make the things done right. So, it may not be enough to use paper editing websites because only experts can fix all deficiencies in a text. Online paper editing can offer you only basic options for improving your text, but this far away from editing, especially from editing performed by skilled experts. 

Comparing with editing, proofreading is related mostly to polishing your paper and removing errors that may remain. This is the final stage of the preparation process, but it requires more skilled specialists for involvement. But this stage is extremely important because occasional errors that have remained in your text may distract your readers and decrease your chances of success. But proofreading should take more than a couple of minutes as people usually do. This process is very complex and requires more effort and skills to fix all deficiencies in a text shortly and correct them. 

Proofreading process has its own specifics:

  • It is not desired to rely completely on any kind of grammar and spelling checkers. Of course, they are helpful, but they can help you to fix and correct only obvious mistakes. These tools usually have algorithms of work, and they can miss some less obvious mistakes or even typos. Moreover, they don’t take into consideration the context of your work. Sometimes they may even mark some phrase as your mistake and form a new word combination that is not appropriate to the context. So, these tools have to be used for sure but should not be relied on totally. 
  • It is desired to proofread your paper at least a couple of times to fix one type of error per one cycle of proofreading. Professional editors focus their attention this way on certain kinds of mistakes and manage to identify them effectively. We can tell you even more. Editors know that some techniques help to fix one kind of mistake but can omit other types. So, it is better to diversify your approaches. Professional editors can always do this.
  • It is always necessary to apply the slow reading to increase chances for detecting all types of mistakes. This is how professional editors pay more attention to the process and fix all mistakes more successfully.
  • To increase the efficiency of proofreading, you should split your text into separate sections for review. You should read each sentence carefully, check the grammar and spelling of each word, and the overall meaning of each sentence. 
  • It is recommended to work with a printed copy of a paper also. This allows identifying all mistakes faster. 
  • To be sure about punctuation, it is better to circle all punctuation marks and pay your attention to each of them. This helps to make sure that punctuation is correct over the text. 
  • For a better result, experienced proofreaders pay special attention to spelling. They may read each word separately or pay attention to each sentence individually. 

We can tell you even more. Depending on the educational institution, approaches may vary. For instance, college paper editing services are obviously more complicated than for a high school. They require paying more attention and making greater emphasis to your content, its clarity, word choices, citations, and references. 

Editing a paper and its proofreading are compulsory stages of any writing process. You may be sure about the final quality of your content, but editing and proofreading may show many omitted mistakes. This is normal because sometimes we get accustomed to our writing. In this case, the help of professional editors and proofreaders can be very necessary. At this point, we will also share with you our view about the best model of editing service we strive to apply constantly. 

Paper editing service of the best quality

After our clarifications, you may think something like: “I need help for editing my paper.” This may be the right approach to follow. Paper editing sites can offer you a lot of good things in this regard, but our service can do more for you. Our professional editors have developed and follow many internal professional rules. Here are only basic of them:

During our work, we ensure that any paper editing service is provided in line with the next rules:

  • an editor is chosen according to the specifics of your paper;
  • all grammar, spelling, and other errors are fixed and eliminated;
  • a document is edited in very good English;
  • the structure is identified and corrected appropriately;
  • word choices are made correctly; 
  • a text is checked at least three times.

But, prime editing for a paper requires an individual approach to each assignment, so additional requirements may be included in this list. Such requirements are discussed in the course of communication with our dedicated customer support representative. You may contact us now to clarify all the most important points you are interested in. 

Editing your paper for us is about…

Editing a paper is about your customer’s satisfaction first of all. You should get the best paper editing services in line not only with the applicable standards but also with your preferences. 

We make sure that all your demands have been understood correctly. In case of any uncertainties, we will clarify with you such shortly. Our goal is to provide you the best editing services. 

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Benefits of our service of editing papers – EditingLeads

Editing a paper can be simpler and more convenient. We strive to provide the best paper editing services to our customers and make this procedure straightforward. 

If you are interested, you should only choose the exact service you would like to get, a deadline, upload your initial draft that requires editing, and indicate any specific requirements you may have in this regard. Our dedicated customer support representative will contact you in case of any difficulties. We usually strive to provide our services as soon as possible, but the only thing that can cause a bit longer deadline is our high workload. Still, we will do our best to complete your order as soon as possible. 

We are ready to help you with any type of academic paper, even very complicated. And we are looking forward to your request. For clients who take their decisions shortly, we have special offers. 

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