How To Write An Essay Fast: Professional Tips

Every day students face numerous assignments, including tens of essay types. Including narrative, descriptive, compare and contrast, persuasive, and argumentative essays. They may become a real nightmare for those who can’t cope with a tight curriculum or don’t have solid writing tips.

Unfortunately, rather often, the deadlines are too close, and several other papers are waiting to be done. That is when the question ‘How to write a 5 paragraph essay fast?’ occurs. If you are also looking for the answer, we recommend reading this article from A to Z. We have collected a list of viable tips and tricks that will help you to succeed!

How to Write an Essay Quickly: Time Planning

Time management is a useful skill in academic, professional, and everyday life. The sooner you master it, the simpler your life will be. That is why the first and one of the most important tips to learn how to write essay fast is to manage your time wisely:

  1. First of all, define how much time you have left. Let’s say, 30 minutes.
  2. Then you should devote 10 minutes to create the paper’s plan, 15 minutes – to write the main paragraphs, and 5 minutes – to polish the work.
  3. If you have 2 hours, distribute the time according to such a formula:

1/5 of the time for planning and outlining, ½ – for writing, the rest – for polishing and revising.

How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay Fast: Understand the Question

Another key to success is reading the main question attentively and understanding what the tutor wants from you. If you skip this stage, you risk wasting too much time on getting back to the beginning or even rewriting everything anew. That is why it’s crucial to read the question and to come up with an answer before starting the writing stage.

Do the Research

Even though you have a quick essay, it doesn’t mean that it should lack credible data and facts. If it’s not a narrative or descriptive essay, make sure to research at least basic data. It includes the main terminology and general statistics. Don’t dive into much detail because you might lose precious time.

Always Outline the Essay

Wondering how to write an essay fast? Then you should always plan the paper beforehand. Too many students neglect this rule even if they have enough time before submission. But statistic shows that it leads to bad consequences and may waste lots of time rewriting the paper.

That is why 20% of the time should be devoted to outlining. Make a list of the necessary paragraphs and indicate the main facts and arguments. Thus, you’ll know what to write about, and the paper’s structure will always be smooth and logical.

Start With Writing Topic Sentences

As you probably know, every paragraph from the main part should begin with a key sentence. It’s a sentence that renders the main idea. Your goal is to write down those sentences and only then write the rest. This trick will help you to create strong and clear sentences and save lots of time editing in the future.

Introduction and Conclusion Matter

Another easy way to write an essay quickly is to stick to the common structure. Including a solid intro and conclusion will make your paper stronger and won’t take lots of your time. Find a relevant quote, anecdote, statistics, or open question and use it as a hook. Then write a thesis statement that renders the main idea of your text.

In conclusion, restate this thesis, enumerate the main findings, and motivate readers to research the issue further. And don’t forget to ensure a smooth flow between paragraphs using transition words and phrases.

Devote Half of the Time to Body Paragraphs.

By this point, you already have a plan, introduction, conclusion, and topic sentences. It is the right time to write the biggest part of the essay – its main paragraphs. Develop every key sentence by introducing supportive data and arguments. There is no need to spend more than 50% of the time on this part because there’s additional work to be done if you want to get a high grade.

Proofread and Edit

The final stage, revising, is often neglected by students. Especially if the deadline is near and they don’t have much time left. However, this step takes only 5-10 minutes of your time but can significantly improve your final grade.

When revising, pay attention to the general flow, your thesis, and topic sentences. Check whether all parts have logical connections. Then, reread the text to eliminate typos and other mistakes.

As you see, these tips are extremely simple but are very effective when you need to write a paper quickly. All of these steps are tried and tested by our essay editors and have already proved to be effective.

Remember, if you learn how to deal with urgent tasks, you will become more confident and tranquil and will easily cope with SATs and other important assignments. As a bonus, this useful skill will significantly help you in your personal and professional life.

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